Palladium Nights the Festival offers a unique training plan that is divided for two different levels of dancers. For the beginner salsa dancer we offer a unique journey and experience through learning to dance Salsa On2 through the rich history of New York style salsa. For the advanced dancers we offer a very unique performance training program with one of the new up-and coming dance teams directly from Italy: Pablito y Su Mezca Latina.  For advanced dancers the training begins already On Thursday with a 3hr bootcamp with Pablito. This bootcamp is open for all levels (also, beginner dancers with full pass have an access to this optional bootcamp). The bootcamp will be held at Helsinki Salsa Academy. The most talented dancers will be selected to continue the performance training at the Casino, Helsinki also for Friday and Saturday*. 

On Friday, for beginner level dancers your training continues at the Helsinki Salsa Academy. For selected advanced dancers your choreography training continues at the Casino.

On Saturday, the most talented dancers will be given an opportunity to perform at the Saturday Night Evening Gala the song Ran Kan Kan played to live music by Julio Romero (You are not required to perform, your participation is optional). At the Helsinki Salsa Academy you will be have the opportunity to continue your history through New York style salsa with musicality, pachanga, and cha-cha/boogaloo.  

*Note: If you are interested only in the social dancers track you can still join the 3hr bootcamp with Pablito and then after the bootcamp also voluntarily choose to continue on the social dancers track. At any point you are not required or obligated to join the choreography training preparing for a show nor are you obligated to perform. Your participation in the performance or show is completely optional. If you are chosen for the more intense advanced training track you can take a part of the training and choose not to perform. By participating in the bootcamp you also understand that you may not be chosen for the advanced track and that we reserve the right to make all selections for students as to which track to recommend. The purpose of the bootcamp and the performance track is to also give more advanced dancers the opportunity to receive intensive goal oriented training with the opportunity for the most talented dancers to perform at the festival.